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European Mediation Network Initiative 

From the perception of the urgent necessity of a European Network for Mediation representatives of mediation associations and organizations from close to all regions in Europe (National Contacts) grouped themselves for the first time at the V. Conference of the World Mediation Forum in Crans Montana (2005) and on 27 May 2006 at the Nordic Mediation Conference in Helsinki, where the National Contacts committed themselves to form the European Mediation Network Initiative.

This initiative is based on the idea of establishing an information point on the various application sectors of Mediation facilitating an open exchange of information and knowledge between mediators from practice and science, and promoting the communication on the methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR / Mediation) in relation to the general public in Europe. 

Finally, it is expected that mediation service providers in Europe will explore their common need for quality assurance of their work.

The concrete steps for the cross-linking of the mediation associations and organizations in Europe aiming at the realization of the mentioned ambitions of the European Mediation Network Initiative are to be set in the first line through the organisation of high profile conferences. Crucial impulses for forming the European Mediation Network Initiative are expected from the European Mediation Conference planned in the autumn of 2007 in Vienna (EMC I) with the title "Mediation goes Europe" and the European Mediation Conference 2008, Belfast - Northern Irish country (EMC II) with the title "Building Relationships and Getting Results" - http://www.mediationconference.eu/.

The Interim Executive Working Group and the Interim Advisory Group of the EUROPEAN MEDIATION NETWORK INITIATIVE - in short: EMNI - are composed of:

Interim Executive Working Group

* Linda Reijerkerk
* Gøsta Thommesen
* Ewald Filler
* Ewan Malcolm
The Netherlands
Scotland, UK

Interim Advisory Group

* Andrew McCracken
* Rose-Marie Rath
* Srdan Simec
* Christoph C. Paul
* Barbara Fellegi
* Jacques Salzer
* Esra Cuhadar Gurkaynak
* Ingolf Schulz
* Hélène van den Steen
Northern Ireland

European Mediation Conference 2007, Vienna (EMC I)
„Europe goes Mediation“

European Mediation
Conference 2008,
Belfast – Northern Ireland (EMC II)
“Building Relationships and Getting Results”

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