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Mediation has established itself as a valued approach to dispute resolution in nearly every country in Europe. The diversity of cultures and traditions in Europe thus have generated a range of appearances of "mediation“ in every country, thus encompassing a sense of common values and ethics.

The European Mediation Conference, Vienna 2007 (EMC I), has been designed not only as a unique opportunity for mediators and for organisations, public and private institutions as well as for individuals to particpate in a dialogue with mediators representing close to all European countries, but also as a starting point for the further formation of the EUROPEAN MEDIATION NETWORK INITIATIVE.

The proposed general theme of the Conference „Mediation goes Europe“ aims to express the necessity of discussing and giving thought to the chances for establishing a generally applicable appearance of mediation, buttressed / supported in every country by European values and global ethics – despite the diversity, in itself desirable, in areas and methods of mediation.

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